Purchase Agreement


This Agreement is made by and entered into between Joe Vosburgh (seller) and _____________ hereafter referred to as Purchaser for the purchase of the following animal. 


Sex:Male ___________ Female___________


Born _____________  Shots_____________


1. Seller hereby warrants that they are the owner or authorized agent for the owner of the above described animal, as such they do hereby convey, transfer and agree to sell to the purchaser based upon the following terms and conditions.  

2.  Seller guarantees against genetic illness up to 12 months from birthdate of the puppy.  Should a genetic illness be discovered during that time and it is determined to be life threatening, seller will replace the puppy or provide purchaser a refund up to 100% of purchase price upon return of said puppy. If Purchaser chooses to keep the puppy, Seller agrees to refund up to and no more than 50% of purchase price. All vet expenses current and future are the responsibility of the Purchaser. A warranty for moderate to severe hip and/or elbow Dysplasia that shows physical lameness and is considered serious in nature that would require corrective surgery is provided for 12 months from birthdate of puppy. Buyer(s) must provided proof of moderate to severe Dysplasia by providing Breeder with all necessary documents, health records and x-rays from Veterinarian(s) and OFA specialist. An OFA scoring of borderline to mild Dysplasia is not considered serious in nature and will not be covered.  Purchaser can keep the puppy, and Seller agrees to refund up to and no more than 50% of purchase price. All vet expenses current and future are the responsibility of the Purchaser. 

3.  Seller guarantees the health of the puppy up to and no more than 7 days from the purchase date against all major viral diseases and it shall be the responsibility of the purchaser to have a licensed veterinarian examine and perform such tests as deemed necessary within seven days of receipt of the puppy.  All expenses for such examination/test shall be the responsibility of the purchaser.   Animals can only be returned in the event that the animal fails to pass the veterinarian examination or the various health tests performed within the prescribed timeframe.  All guarantees will be invalid if not accompanied by a written veterinarian statement.  The attending veterinarian must state the cause of illness, disease, or death.  Seller will not be responsible for puppies that go down with hypoglycemia or contracts a common cold, giardia, coccidian, or any other minor illness.  Seller agrees to refund up to and no more than the purchase price, after our veterinarian has read and confirmed the report.  

4.  Purchase price is to be $_____________ to be paid in cash or credit card (+4% processing fee). 

5.  All sales of puppies are final with the exception of reasons listed above and we do not guarantee the size, weight or disposition of the puppies.

6.  This is the complete agreement between seller and purchaser.  Any modifications or changes of this agreement shall be evidenced in writing and expressly agreed by all parties.  All photos taken by us or received through email or text are permitted to be used on our website.  

Dated this ______________ day of _____________ 201___.


______________________________                             ______________________________

Seller Signed                                                               Purchaser Signed


Name Printed ___________________________Email address________________________


Address ____________________________________________________________________


City, State __________________________________________________________________


Phone_________________________________ Date received puppy____________________