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The goldendoodle breed is what started this love affair 12 years ago! Molly was our first goldendoodle, and is still a favorite of everybody who comes to visit the farm!  She is a F1 standard golden doodle. The golden doodle originally was created in the late 1990’s as a hybrid cross of a standard poodle and the golden retriever. The idea was to combine the intelligence and the non shedding coat of the poodle and the temperament and disposition of the golden retriever. Because of their popularity, different generations and sizes have been created as the breed continues to develop. The F1B is a cross of a golden doodle back to the poodle. This creates a more hypo-allergenic and non-shedding coat. Below is a brief description of sizes and generations. A couple examples would be F1 standard or F1 mini, F1B standard or F1B mini. We only raise F1 and F1B as we believe they are the best as far as hybrid vigor and consistent coat quality. Colors range from cream, apricot, red, black and parti. Our golden retrievers as well as our standard poodles are AKC registered.

F1-    Cross of poodle & golden retriever. This is the original! The F1 will have a wavy coat with little to no shedding. Great for people who loved their golden retriever, but want to avoid all the hair & shedding again!

F1B-  Cross of goldendoodle back to poodle. The F1B will have a curly, wavy coat that is non-shedding. They are a good choice for people with above normal allergies in the family.

Standard- 50 lbs and up.

Medium-  35-50 lbs.

Mini-  25-35 lbs.

Petite mini- 15-25 lbs.

These are general size guidelines- due to the complexity of genetics, we cannot guarantee size or weight.  

You can reserve a puppy by filling out an application, and we will match you with the puppy that is best for your family!

molly puppy
molly f1 goldendoodle