"Our extended doodle family!  It all started with Howie--he is the best dog ever!" Doug and Lori A.-- Lafayette, IN

"We named him Yogi Bear.  He is learning to swim and went on his first boat ride Friday.  We are crazy about him!"-- Teresa--Northern Indiana 


"Hazel is perfect--one of the best I've seen!  She loves all of her doodle cousins.  We are hoping to get our 10th doodle pup in the extended family!"--Kate--Lafayette, IN

"Banks has been such a great addition to the house.  Everyone loves him and we can't get passed on the street without someone commenting on how cute he is.  He is such a great dog! Thanks!"--Vince and Katie D.-- Chicago, IL 

"We bought two of your fantastic F1B males on Mother's Day 2012.  Our beautiful boys are happy, healthy, and three.  We have since sent 5 more families to you who have purchased doodles and all love theirs as much as we do!"-- Kim and Mike E.-- Fishers, IN 

"We purchased our medium F1b goldendoodle, Thurman from you last Dec. He is a great dog! We love him. He is very smart and quite a character!"-- Rob E.--

Here is a small sampling of the many happy doodle families we've had the privilege of working with over the years.  We take great pride in raising healthy, happy puppies and strive to give each individual puppy the best start possible before transitioning to their forever home.  We love the joy that these wonderful companions bring to their owners and hope that you'll soon join our doodle family!  We stand behind every puppy with a written health guarantee ensuring the puppy's health and your happiness. 

"This is Penny.  She is being trained to be a therapy dog and is so wonderful!  My mom, Elaine, also purchased two F1Bs from you over the past 5 years.  They are the most wonderful dogs and our family has been so happy with all of them."--Emma P.-- Chicago, IL 

"Howie loving the water!" Doug-Lafayette, IN

"Howie loving the water!" Doug-Lafayette, IN

"We love our doodles! They go everywhere with us!" Kyle--Lafayette, IN

"Ellie and Howie" --Lafayette, IN

"Chloe has been such a blessing and comfort to me.  Everyone who sees her wants one, so you may be getting calls."-- Ann T.-- Lafayette, IN

"Chloe has been such a blessing and comfort to me.  Everyone who sees her wants one, so you may be getting calls."-- Ann T.-- Lafayette, IN

"We purchased one of Maggie's pups. Layla is the best dog we've ever had the pleasure of caring for!"  Susan V.- Chicago, IL

                               Lafayette, IN

"Bella is doing great. She is so lovable!" Karen- Ft. Wayne, IN 

"Here is Rosie at 4 months. She is so smart- she knows sit, down, almost rollover and stay.  She potty trained in two weeks with a doggie door. She's awesome- we are in love with her!" Thad and Allison C.-- Indianapolis, IN 

"I got a goldendoodle from you two years ago- he is perfect!"-Jordan- Indianapolis, IN

"Lilly has been a wonderful addition to our family.  Her sweet and loving personality is a joy to be around everyday.  Working with you guys has been awesome! Thank you!"-- Scott and Sarah L.-- Covington, KY

"Thank you so much for Sven!  We absolutely love him!"-Angie and Jon -- Grand Rapids, MI

"The pup is doing great and get along so well with his older brother! Thanks for everything!"